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This is a site that seeks to indulge football fans from all walks of life. The North Ferriby United Association Football Club was once comprised of semi-professional football players in East Riding of Yorkshire, England. They were once members of the Northern Premier League (NPL).

The club was established way back in 1934 and finally managed to compete in the NPL tournament in 2005. The team went on to win the first division of the tournament. Many years later, in 2015, the team won the 2014-15 FA Trophy by beating Wrexham. They went on to win the National League North play-offs and were awarded a promotion to the National League.

Even though the club met its end on the 15th of March 2019, the North Ferriby Football Club was established as a phoenix club. The club still participates in the Northern Counties East Football League but falls under new management.

Today, the newly established club vows to build on its longstanding reputation to promote football in England and in Workington, the western part of Cumbria.

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