England’s Most Prestigious Football Clubs

These football clubs have been a home for some of the most talented football players to ever grace the game of English football.

Manchester United

Manchester United have competed for the Intercontinental Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup in the past. This famous English club has managed to win the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Super Cup once.

It is currently the richest football club in England, with a record of winning a total of 66 international and national football trophies in its existence. The club is known to hold the top spot on the club rankings on many occasions.

The club has achieved 20 English Premier League titles to date. Manchester United earned the FA Community Shield 21 times and was crowned winners of the UEFA Champions League 3 times. Manchester United is arguably the most successful football club in the history of the game.


The club has won the UEFA Super Cup once and also won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup twice. Chelsea has achieved victory a total of 31 times on an international and national level. It has also won a total of 6 English Premier League, 6 Football League Cup, and 9 FA Cup titles in its history. The club certainly deserves a place among the top English football teams.


This club has claimed the FA Community Shield 15 times, and they won national and international football trophies a total of 46 times. Arsenal has been rewarded with 13 English Premier League, 3 Football League Cup, 13 FA Cup titles in the club’s history.


Liverpool is often viewed as the second most successful club in English history, with a total of 61 national and international football trophies under their belts. Liverpool has claimed 18 English Premier League, 8 FA Cup, and 8 Football League Cup titles till now.

Taking a look at these clubs, their history, and their achievements is inspiring for each and every aspiring football player out there.